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To the newly injured, coming home means waiting for rehabilitation items to be funded and/or approved by insurance or special programs. For us, we feel that our community can share and donate certain items to help the newly injured in getting equipment immediately. This equipment is to help them continue their healing and rehabilitation right when they get home and beyond. Once the funded new equipment is delivered to the member, the shared equipment gets picked up and is ready for the next quad in need.

Please read the needed items in the description below. If you have any of these items, please complete the form and we will get in contact with you. 

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Whether you are an individual, family, small business or big corporation, the Salute the Fight Foundation needs your support to help fund its mission. Donations are available thru PayPal and can be made in any amount.

Donated funds help purchase the Salute the Fight "Going Home Tote" for newly injured quads about to return home. In addition, donations are also used to assist in the costs associated with the transportation and logistics of the shared equipment program. Every high level spinal cord injured members home, life and recovery is different. Please help the injured and their quality of life. 

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The waiting game is real for the spinal cord injured. Upon returning home, the desire to keep rehabilitating is drastically hindered by a lack of specialized equipment. The following are some of the items we are wanting to help get to new members. As our members receive their new equipment from insurance or special programs, we will pick it up and continue to pass it along to new members.

- Standing Frames

- Handbikes

- FES machines

- Active Hands Gloves

- Rolling shower chairs

- Adaptive Vehicles

- Ramps

We are able to receive donated items from Texas. Specifically Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio regions. 

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