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An overwhelming amount of items are required in a short period of time when newly injured quads first go home. Most items are essential to quads overall health and not the ability to continue therapy learned from rehab. The Going Home Tote contains the following: 

- A pair of Active Hands gripping gloves

- Multiple Resistance therapy bands and handles

- A hair washing tray

- Custom tote bag


Mission #1 for the Salute the Fight Foundation is our “Going Home Tote”! We are working to have these packages at rehabilitation hospitals that treat high level spinal cord injuries across the nation. The cost for each tote is $237.88.

The feeling of going home is overwhelming!

The feeling of washing your hair after months in the hospital is priceless! 

The process of going from in-patient rehabilitation, to outpatient rehabilitation takes time when you get home. 

The difference in rehabilitation hours one receives during in-patient care and out-patient care is substantial. 

The feeling of despair, knowing that simple steps of movement and exercise is what it takes to get better, yet you have to wait for the process is huge. You work so hard while in-patient only to go home and wait. 

Active hands gripping gloves and resistance bands are proven tools to easily setup at home and use for multiple daily strengthening exercises. The feeling of continuing your strength and healing is amazing! 

Having active hands gripping gloves when you begin Outpaitient therapy is empowering. For high level quads, upper body strengthening requires grip assistance. Whether they are having a therapist come to the home, or if they go to an Outpaitient rehabilitation center, using active hands will be a constant need and  will always be used for their rehab future. Feeling prepared is uplifting! 

Please help this need by supporting The Salute The Fight Foundation. You can support by making a donation, purchasing apparel, or signing up for the monthly support program. Details are on our website


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