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Welcome to the Salute The Fight Foundation. We thank you for your interest in helping the higher level Spinal Cord Injured community. We are proud to serve the community and have many different ways the foundation contributes. Whether your a spinal cord injury member (or family) looking to donate and pass along specialized equipment, a corporate sponsorship donation, or a family looking to assist your community, we thank you for your contribution to the community!

Salute the Fight Foundation: Welcome


The Salute the Fight Foundation was created to serve the Higher Level Spinal Cord Injury community. Our primary goal is to assist newly injured members and families as they transition home to their new lives. There are many needs often overlooked or not accommodated to members and families as they leave the hospital and return home to continue the healing, recovery and day to day living. Our "Going Home Tote" is our #1 mission for the foundation. 

The foundation is also committed to assisting beyond the initial coming home phase. Filling in the gaps that insurance and other state services and programs don't cover thru our equipment relocation program. The Salute the Fight Foundation is committed to elevate and enrich the lives of those whom are affected by spinal cord injuries. 

Being founded by experience first hand is what makes The Salute the Fight Foundation effective and impactful to the members and families we serve. Your assistance and support, now and in the future will uplift and serve the spinal cord injured in a positive way. 

Salute the Fight Foundation: About
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